We’re engaged!

13 Dec

I’ve been trying to write this post for  about SIX  months now. Luckily, my entire proposal was captured in another blog post here:

Courtesy of MKD Photography


So from my point of view, Kate nailed it (made me cry multiple times) but here’s a few more insight into what I was thinking these past couple of weeks before getting engaged!

I love Chris but he left out so many clues!! He even thanked everyone at our engagement party (another amazing surprise) for NOT spoiling anything where he had slipped.

What were the clues?

  • Paper that had an “engagement party” list- luckily it had the wrong date on it (June 2nd- which bachelor party he had)
  • Ring printouts – I did believe him when he said they here XYZ (secret!) friend’s
  • Wouldn’t let me work the night of June 9th or do a double on June 10th- Chris usually gets a little annoyed when I want to pick up more shifts but understands sometimes I just want some extra cash. The fact he was so adamant about it may have given me a hint 🙂
  • a “To call” list left out on the Saturday of our engagement (who to call after)

However, there were so good trickery done by family/friends

  • Cat never once hinting at anything when we went for mani/pedis
  • Tina who helped organized the party– no clues from her
  • Mom never let on anything
  • Dad denied that Chris was proposing when I asked him straight out the Sunday beforehand
  • Colleen whose tweets threw me off completely
  • Colleen’s family who was in on the surprise and keep an email chain going
  • Kelly who had a wedding that night, of course it couldn’t happen when she was busy!
  • Jen who I saw the say before and didn’t say anything.

After it all happened, ALOT of things made sense:

  • My family was avoiding me because they didn’t want to ruin the surprise. I didn’t even get invited to my cousin’s graduation!
  • Jess knew all and even asked me the type of ring I was thinking about (never even guessed or picked up on that)
  • Jen who knew and made sure I had my hair done
  • Kelly who knew but didn’t lead me on at all
  • Chris grilling me about my travel plans after work on the 9th while we were a month away!
  • People liking certain photos and Facebook statuses
  • Why we HAD to buy a new camera
  • My future in-laws acting a bit off on the day of

So what did I think? I thought from the first sets of bullets that it was in fact was coming soon. I figured it was Friday or Sunday the weekend of June 8th. It wouldn’t be after that because we had a solid 4 weeks of wedding stuff for friends and family. When it didn’t happen on Friday, I figured that it was later in 2012– like the holidays, Chris’s favorite time of year. I never picked it to be on that Saturday!

We headed into Boston for Colleen’s birthday dinner. We were dressed up given the restaurant we were going to… little did I know! Being 20 minutes early for the reservations, there was no surprise to me that we’d spend that time on a beautiful Saturday afternoon/night by the waterfront in Christopher Columbus Park. This is where Chris and I had our first date and first “official” kiss (freshman year drunken kisses don’t count!). It wasn’t THAT abnormal that we’d take a minute and sit down and talk.

No idea on the left, Ready on the Right

last picture before we’re engaged!!

And what a conversation we had. Chris was pointing out random boats and did really seem nervous. I’m not going to lie, I had a weird feeling all day too.  He got up (and I did think.. well maybe he is proposing now) and said let’s head out to our reservations. Nope.. not happening, let’s go to dinner. There was music playing and I did want to stay a few more minutes later but we took the long way under the archways to walk up to Strega. THEN…

Chris kissed me and got down on one knee!!! When everyone says you black out when you’re getting proposed to– it’s so true. I honestly have no idea what was said. I said “no no no, is this real?” about 18x.

Right after– one of my all time favorite pictures

After saying “yes!” we took the picture above. As Chris put down the camera, I saw Kate from MKD and start balling crying– Chris (and his amazing brother & sister-in-law) had arranged this all to be photographed. It was a dream come true and I still can’t believe it happened!

We called our parents– more happy tears! Then we had an impromptu engagement shoot with MKD. I must have asked Chris a zillion questions during it!

Chris then said he had one more surprise for me. He made dinner reservations at one of Boston’s most popular restaurants – Del Frisco’s on the Seaport waterfront. Telling them beforehand about the proposal, they sat us outside and we got to watch the sunset. The manager even sent over a bottle of champagne. Chris had chosen the best wine beforehand and it was such a special treat. The food was amazing but honestly could have only a few bites because of how excited I was.

Amazing Wine

What a view! Thank you Del Frisco’s!

So Happy!!!

Chris was pretty adamant about being to my mother’s by 8:30 pm, where she was hosting a small party of my family at my parents home. I was very excited to celebrate with my family and see my parents and brothers especially. However, as a down-to-earth girl, I just wanted to be in jeans. I was seeing my family, that’s what I wear to feel comfortable. Needless to say, Chris had NO problem with running to Southie to change before heading to my parents.

Well did I have the surprise of my life (besides being engaged an hour ago!!)

In my little apartment, there stood my entire family, Chris’s family, friends from high school, college, far away and close by all there to celebrate our engagement!

Kate&ChrisProp-1081Kate&ChrisProp-1083 Kate&ChrisProp-1084 Kate&ChrisProp-1085 Kate&ChrisProp-1089

Enough of me and my shoeless feet! Here are all our great friends and family who made it and made this day even more special for us:

Kate&ChrisProp-1123 Kate&ChrisProp-1124 Kate&ChrisProp-1132 Kate&ChrisProp-1134 IMG_4472 The D'Eramo family Campbell family

And Chris had more surprises. If proposing and a surprise engagement weren’t enough, he also made reservations at the Seaport Hotel.  I walked into the hotel room full of roses, rose petals and champagne (again!)

Seaport hotel

I couldn’t sleep at all that night. Chris who couldn’t sleep for the past two weeks had a great night of sleep. I wanted to watch the sunrise and walked out to the piers in the Seaport the next morning.

Sunrise becasue I couldn't sleep! IMG_4531 IMG_4532 IMG_4558

The great thing about the last two pictures… without knowing it, I was taking a photo of our future venue…

What an amazing day and I still think about it all the time. Happy six months engaged Chris! Love you!




Weekend Pictures

21 Oct

Buffalo chicken dip for the coworkers

Alpha Phi Zeta Rho’s 30th Anniversary














Such a cute surprise. Our new calendar of New England scenery from a family friend had this for December 2013 🙂 Our proposal spot, seems fitting!



Nashoba Valley Winery




Be Happy.

23 Jul

I listed out 10 things in a text message to Chris during my lunch to cheer us both up after exhausting house hunting. Here’s my 10 for today. This really put things in perspective and did make me smile!

  1. We’re engaged! There is *almost* a blog post  done but I am officially engaged to my best friend!
  2. I’m only 26! Think about how long you will live– I have my whole life infront of me to do amazing things, be with people I love and just love life. This is only the beginning.
  3. I could be in Maine in a matter of weeks, days. Just the thought of Maine makes me incredibly happy.
  4. I saw pictures from my college roommate’s wedding. It made me tear up, smile and just be grateful. Plus some of the pictures are amazing (as always) and I love one of Chris & I. I may have already tried to save it.
  5. I’m so blessed with great friends. From my childhood friends, college roommates, sorority sisters and just life-long friends. It’s amazing how many people will always be there for me and vice versa.
  6. I have such a supportive and loving family. They are my rock, my fun times and just always there. My mother always has the right words and really is someone who I turn to for solid advice. My brothers are hysterical– group text messages are ridiculous and of course I’m a Daddy’s little girl 🙂   I’m also marrying into a great family– especially with a future sister-in-law who knows exactly what to say, future brother-in-law who is amazing to Chris and I and  of course an adorable nephew and great in-laws! Blessed on two fronts 🙂
  7. Have you heard lobster is 2.99/lb? I can’t wait to have it soon!  Yes I do love it that much.
  8. I live and work in Boston– I can walk to work. I love this city, the skyline, the water, the people. I’m happy in this place.
  9. I’m starting a huge next step with Chris. I cannot wait to live with him and finally start a home.
  10. I have Chris, who always makes me happy. Who makes me smile when I’m upset. Who is always happy himself. He’s sees the good, hopes for the best and lives life to the fullest. I couldn’t be more grateful to have him in my life.

Take that Monday…

Weekend in pictures

22 Jul

We’re driving home from NH and figured I’d recap our busy *wasn’t suppose to be* weekend:


Drinks for Lindsay’s birthday at West End Johnny’s


It was a great night of drinking, catching up with our college friends and dancing.

The next day after work, we headed up to NH for Steve’s birthday and some lake time. It was my first time to Lake Winnipesauke — after all, I’m a Maine girl!



XB boys

Happy Birthday!!

Views of the lake!

Love ❤

Favorite picture

We swam! No loons 🙂

happy birthday Steve!

Star gazing!

Almost back in Mass to house hunt for the afternoon and then a family cookout. Wish us luck! Hopefully we find a home!


What I’m Loving Wednesday!

23 May

Love joining in “What I’m Loving Wednesday!” post via Jamie at This Kind of Love. It really makes you take some time and think about the positive in your life and focus on that. For that, I’m so grateful.

  • I’m loving the sunshine today. After lots of weekdays of rain, it’s nice to see the sun and be able to go out for some exercise!
  • I’m loving that I spent my morning here. It brought back so many memories and made such a smile on my face. Miss my college days but happy to know that I can look back and smile at all the memories. It’s always nice to go “home”

Bentley via my Instagram

  •  I’m loving that in only TWO days I’ll be in one of my favorite places in the world– Maine. Can’t wait to be up there, read my multiple planned books, have fresh Maine air, play cribbage, go on a boat and see baby Lyle experience his first Maine trip. Also, can’t wait for a s’mores!  Love Maine.

Sebec Lake

Us last Memorial Day

My 4 favorite things: cribbage, wine, Maine & Chris

  • I’m loving that my best friend is having a *girl* Let the gift-buying begin! Even though I can’t be at her baby shower, I can’t wait to start shopping for  the future little Miss Bender 🙂  Just look at all these ideas on Pinterest! That’s not even including pink little outfits!

via Pinterest, originally at ASpottedPony

via Pinterest, from My Own Road

via Pinterest, available on Etsy

  • I’m loving that I’m actually trying and succeeding in keeping up this blog.
  • I’m loving that Revenge is on tonight, I’m almost done with the second book of 50 Shades of Grey and that Drop Dead Diva is coming back. Yes, TV and book geek here 🙂
  • I’m loving this picture of Chris & I and of course loving being able to see him today!

  • I’m still loving my new hair 🙂

What about you?!

Weekend Recap

21 May

One word to sum up this weekend: Graduation.

Chris and my best friend Bernadette graduated this weekend. Chris graduated with his masters in special education from Lesley University and Bernadette graduated from law school from Suffolk University. To see two people I love so much graduate after working their butts off for the past 2-4 years was amazing. I am so proud of both of them.

on the big screen!

Also… after a much-needed hair cut and hair coloring, I have a new do! Much blonder and a little shorter. It was getting so long! Thanks to Raina’s Hair Design Studio, which I have been going to since I was about 5 years old, for the new style. Love it!

Great weekend and excited for the next couple of weekends!

new hair!

Why are you Blogging?

17 May

So you may have noticed that I’m popping up again on this blog. Even though I’m not publicizing it, via my Twitter and Facebook, I’m back at contributing to this little website. It’s something that I want to do and will try to do more in the upcoming weeks. Why?


Timehop.com was the ignition to start up the blogging engine. Timehop emails you daily and lets you know what you were doing a year ago. Honestly, it’s a great 5 minutes of my morning where I can see how much as changed or hasn’t changed in one year. It streams all your tweets, Foursquare check-ins and Facebook posts into one email. It’s pretty cool and it got me thinking about how I really want a timeline and written account of what’s going on in my life. Time flies and things get so.busy. I really want a way to track it all. This blog will serve as that. I can’t wait to look back and see what I was thinking/doing months ago.

Daily email


As I’m in public relations, writing is a core component of what I do on a daily basis. With the increase in content creation for clients, there is more writing than even before. Even though I think I’m a terrible writer, the only way to get better is to basically write more. So this is going to be practice. Practicing writing will help me to complete it quickly, have more details and really tell a story. I need to increase my level of comfort and I think writing daily will help this.



I silently read lots and lots of blogs as you can tell from my Google Reader yesterday. In many of those blogs, there is almost a sense of community. I would love to be more active and see where exactly my community would be in. I know that I’m not into the fashion and won’t be commenting on my newest outfit. I love trying new restaurants and recommending it to friends. Even though I do attend multiple weddings a year, I’m not fully into the bridal blogs. So who knows where I’ll find my niche but I look forward to the journey!


What do you think? Why are you blogging?