2010- the year of road trips? That’s travel

19 Oct

After taking a step back after my whiny post about vacation and a comment Dad made — I decided to look at this whole vacation/travel part of my life differently.

“Vacation- why do you need a vacation, you’ve been away alot this year already”- Big Jim

True statement that I hadn’t realized until recently. No, I haven’t been to the tropics this year or on a plane in 2010 but let’s take a look:

  • January 2010: @momentspassslow wedding- a winter weekend in Boston
  • February 2010: romantic trip to Providence for Valentine’s Day
  • March 2010: Maine, Connecticut and a visitor from the midwest!
  • April 2010: I sent my parents for a Bahamas cruise- does that count? I went to Vermont for Jess’ bridal shower!
  • May 2010: Finger Lakes- best trip to celebrate 3  year anniversary We  also went to Connecticut for Robyn’s wedding!
  • June 2010: Stowe, Vermont for Jess’ wedding!
  • July 2010: The cottage in Maine to celebrate the 4th
  • August 2010: all of Maine– six days and 600 miles
  • September 2010: Maine again, New York for Janine’s Wedding!
  • October 2010: Connecticut & Queeche, Vermont one weekend and Heidi’s wedding in New York

For some who’s whining about vacation and traveling, I’ve done quite a bit this year. I’ve been to every New England state, multiple places in New York and still have a couple more months left in 2010.

I saw the beautiful winter in Maine and Boston, the springtime in the Finger Lakes, the summer at the lake in Maine and the fall foliage in Vermont. I celebrated friends getting married, new cities I’ve never been and a new found love of Gail, the GPS.

For right now, maybe my idea of travel should take in all the road trips. Who knows, maybe I’ll be on a plane soon enough!


2 Responses to “2010- the year of road trips? That’s travel”

  1. Lauren October 20, 2010 at 9:02 AM #

    Haha. Your weekend getaways totally beat mine. Minus my many trips up to Waltham/Boston and one weekend in Providence, my ‘vacations’ were to the mid-west…Ohio and Indiana


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